Uitwaaien offers four self-catering studio type open plan units in Bot River overlooking the Houw Hoek pass and Van der Stell pass mountains range.

Situated just over an hour from Cape Town and 30 minutes from Hermanus you will find a small picturesque village called Bot River, surrounded by mountains covered in fynbos, fields of wheat and historical wine farms.

Bot River is also situated close to Kleinmond and Walker bay which includes the popular holiday town of Hermanus and is an ideal place for travellers who want to escape the busyness of Hermanus during whale watching season but still remain in the vicinity for easy access.

Long before Western settlement, this east-facing glen was home to prosperous herders, the Khoi-Khoi, who pastured their livestock in rich pastures along the banks of the “Couga River”. The river flows south towards the marsh Botrivier estuary, and was for centuries the home of contented tribes who savoured the privilege of fresh waters in the water-scarce Cape.

“Rich in fat”, was the river’s name – a tribute to the area’s reputation for “lots of butter”, which the early settlers came in search of to barter for. It was this creamy “botter” (Afrikaans). which gave the “Bot River” its ultimate name. The Khoi-khoi called it ‘Couga’, which means ‘lots of butter’. The name stuck and today this river flows through the town into a large lagoon, which forms a marsh at its mouth. These wetlands are home to thousands of waterfowl and one of the only remaining herds of wild horses is said roam the area. Later, the hamlet was to become an 18th-century outpost for the Dutch East India Company at Compagnes Drift farm in Botrivier, now home to Beaumont Wines.